How networking within the Action will yield the objectives?

The objectives of this Cost Action can only be achieved if networking through physical and virtual meetings between all involved researchers is facilitated and guaranteed. The Action will provide the essential networking activities (round robin exercises, common case studies, peer reviews within the network etc.) to coordinate existing and future research in the five Strategic Research Clusters and corresponding Working Groups. In the short term, the Action will stimulate this networking, but it will also ensure a stronger and more consistent network of researchers, institutes and industrial parties in the long term.

Special attention will be given to the involvement of stakeholders (material producers, fabricators, architects, engineers etc.) for specifying research questions, methodologies and when presenting research output.

The Milestones are specified in E.1. The common objectives – to work together, to produce valuable research output through the Action and to create a perspective for long term cooperation – are beneficial for all the participants and will ensure positive motivation.