WG5 From material to structure and limit states: codes and standardisation

The regulations for using structural membranes or foil materials in building skins, if existing, are different in each European country. A common standardised approach is needed. The SRC ‘codes and standardisation’ will investigate the design rules based on a semi-probabilistic approach, dealing with the integration of uncertainties of tools and parameters like for models and materials. The scale effects between materials and structures are considered. The cluster focuses on the uniformity of limit states and the definition and study of specific limit states where not yet existing, like for inflatables, in view of the need to evaluate partial safety coefficients.

The uncertainties in the design of building skins are examined based on references from different European regions. Research results concerning load characterisation (wind loading on complex shapes, interaction with snow deposition etc.), accurate material representation, numerical structural models, comparison with experimental data, time dependency, reduction factors for joints, safety coefficients etc. are collected and compared.