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  • Round Robin Exercise 3 aims at collating wind tunnel and CFD data for the basic shapes of tensioned surface structures.
    A ‘standardised results data form’ is specified to be able to present, compare and interpolate the results.
    – For details about Round Robin Exercise 3 click here.
    – For some filled out input forms click here.
    – For the empty input forms click here.
  • Working Group 5 launches a Round Robin Exercise ‘wind pressure coefficients on doubly curved shapes’.
    The aim is to extend the current Eurocode with a section on the design of membrane structures, especially in the field of wind loading on some ‘typical’ membrane shapes.
    For any further question or to participate please contact Jimmy.Colliers@vub.ac.be or Marijke.Mollaert@vub.ac.be. The draft of the descriptive document can be downloaded here.

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In progress. Will be added soon. Because some STSM reports are currently being reworked in (journal) papers, they are at this moment ‘confidential’. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information about a STSM.

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